The Black Cat Treasury

Weird, wonderful, daring and ethical gifts…
Jewellery, Vegan friendly gift hampers and alternative health products.


We believe that we must protect biodiversity and ecosystems. We stock products that respect natural resources and the living world.

Food Allergies

We have a range of products suitable for people with food allergies and intolerances. Please ask for clarification on our products in store, so that we can meet your requirements.

Lifestyle choices

We understand that people make choices with respect to food and may avoid certain ingredients, (Especially for their children). The majority of our products are not available in supermarkets.

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The Black Cat Treasury
Huddersfield Road
Monday–Saturday: 10am–6pm
Sunday- 10am-4pm
(Parking available at Caspian)
07394 907767

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About Black Cat Treasury

The Black Cat Treasury – Was founded in June 2020 and we will be welcoming customers in our new store from the 1st of July 2020. We hope that in these uncertain times that the service and products we offer to our community will help to put a smile on somebody’s face with our individual and thoughtful handmade gifts and various other products that we stock. Our vision is we want to create a haven where you can buy vegan friendly gifts, groceries and beauty products. We aim to be eco-friendly and use minimal plastics,  where possible 100% compostable, plant based bioplastic (PLA) and all of our confectionery is vegan and gluten free. (Most of it is also palm oil free too.) We operate a strict policy, making a discerning effort to source the highest quality, ethical foods and goods that we can.

Our range of confectionery products is targeted at people with- 

*Food allergies and intolerances. 
*People making lifestyle choices with respect to the planet.
*Those who wish to avoid unsustainable ingredients.

Our Jewellery & fits into three categories

*We offer handmade wire wrapped and hammered pieces made from Copper or Silver-plated copper wire, and Silver Filled wire.
*High street sterling silver pieces.
*Upcycled Jewellery that has been revitalised and transformed into something that is completely individual.


A range of Orgone products will be available in store and online, Obelisks, Angels, Pyramids, And Small Black Cat EMF Harmonisers suitable for mobile phones and wireless routers.

We are accepting commissions for Gift Hampers, Jewellery Pieces and Orgone products.

For more information please call 07394 907767 or email


With love, The Black Cat Treasury.

What Customers Are Saying

“Beautiful Crystal jewellery pieces, i have now ordered a few pieces and have been very happy with each, they all arrived in lovely pouches 😊 Great Service and highly recommended.”

“Great service, beautiful homemade products and a variety of gluten free foods. Highly recommend and looking forward to making more purchases”

“Amazing. Me and my mum purchased two lovely necklaces. Two happy costumers thank you guys!”

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T: 07394 907767

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